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Education Strategy

Ryedale Learning Trust Education Strategy has 3 significant strands:

The core cycle of the Framework that describes the trust level work that all individual schools will receive, contribute to and work collaboratively with and is designed to provide regular assurance activity and school development. This cycle of activity will provide schools with information to improve their self-evaluation and development planning. It also includes regular collaborative activity designed to build capacity, expertise, support and challenge. The Core Offer covers areas such as Safeguarding, SEND, Assessment and includes our Professional Learning Networks.

Where schools require intervention and support for particular areas of performance, then through professional dialogue between the head and Chief Executive Officer, the appropriate Trust or external support will be brokered.

Specific professional development programmes and projects are designed and offered to meet the needs of schools where evaluation of KPIs, analysis of performance indicators, feedback from Heads and national priorities identify trends across the schools that require whole Trust strategies to support improvement. These are led by the Central Education Team, expertise from within the Trust, or externally led support.