Ryedale Learning Trust Governance Structure
Effective governance is at the heart of any successful school, academy or multi-academy trust. Our format aligns with the DfE guidance on governance in MATs and also draws on the experience of other Trusts across England. The diagram below provides a summary of what governance looks like in our MAT but further details can be found within the scheme of delegation.

Members (5): to meet once per year (AGM).

Trustees (9): to meet at least three times per year.

Trust Committee : Finance, Audit & Risk Committee.

CEO: is the accounting officer and has delegated responsibility for the operation of the Trust.

Executive Leadership Team: comprises of Secondary Director, Primary Director, Finance & Operations Director & Raising Achievement Director.

School Committee (SC): may have delegated responsibility at individual school level in line with the Scheme of Delegation.

Cluster committee (CC): may have delegated responsibility for a number of small schools in close geographic proximity, in line with the Scheme of  Delegation.

Chairs Advisory Group & Headteachers Advisory Group: Both groups add to this process but are not formally part of the governance; the Headteachers Advisory Group is made up of the Executive Leadership Team and the Headteachers of the constituent schools and the Chairs Advisory Group is made up of the Chair of Trustees and Chairs of the SC/CC of the constituent schools.

Ryedale Learning Trust
Tel: 01439 772 610
Email: info@ryedalelearningtrust.co.uk
Ryedale Learning Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 12974763. Registered Office address: Ryedale School, Nawton, York, North Yorkshire, YO62 7SL.

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